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Waste to Energy

Waste to energy, CHANGJO E&E addresses environmental and energy issues and changes the world.

Advisory Group

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  • Jeon Wu-jeong
    Corporation lawyer of CHANGJO E&E Co., Ltd.

    ·Working for a law firm, Jeongryul

    ·Member of Blockchain Industry Promotion Association

    ·Former) Public institution management evaluator for Ministry of Economy and

    ·LL.D. from University of Oxford

    ·Master’s Degree from Tsinghua University, China

    ·Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Seoul National University

  • Choi Young-kyu
    Permanent advisor of CHANGJO E&E Co., Ltd.

    ·Professor of Engineering Department, Yonsei University

    ·(Former) Director, Samsung Electronics; Executive Director, SK Hynix; and Head of Korea Lab, NVIDIA

    ·D. Eng. for Computer Science from N. Carolina State University (Completed)

    ·Bachelor’s degree for Nuclear Science
    from Seoul National University

  • Haz Pohan
    Management Advisor for We Epel Group

    ·Former Indonesian Ambassador
    to Poland

    ·Former Indonesian Representative
    to UN

    ·Current CEO, APW Group
    International lawyer