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Waste to Energy

Waste to energy, CHANGJO E&E addresses environmental and energy issues and changes the world.


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Welcome to CHANGJO E&E website

Trying to environmental and energy issues together through research, CHANGJO E&E has developed recognized source technology of Waste to Energy (WTE) through continued R&D investment.

And now we are cooperating actively through overseas joint ventures in USA, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

Korea and the rest of the world are suffering rapid urbanization, exhaustion of energy with industrialization, environmental pollution with waste, climate change, and forest destruction. CHANGJO E&E has a technology to address the environmental and energy issues at the same time through emission-free, eco-friendly, and safe waste processing and energy production.

With competitive and distinguished technology we will make efforts to lead technical innovation in WTE and create harmonized world for the human and nature.

Your strong support will be appreciated.

Thank you.

CHANGJO E&EChairmanKimKangLyen