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Waste to Energy

Waste to energy, CHANGJO E&E addresses environmental and energy issues and changes the world.


H Company Profile > Vision

The dream has come true with creative thinking and technical innovation.To enrich our life while protecting the environment.That is the goal of CHANGJO E&E.CHANGJO E&E continues to challenge for further development.


Valuable Technology For AllTechnical innovation for the human and environment
This high technology can improve global warming, fine particles, and other environmental issues while addressing exhaustion of limited fossil fuels.We will also contribute to improving fine plastic pollution by collecting large floating garbage from the ocean to generate energy.

Core value

  • Challenge
    Achieve higher goal through ceaseless challenge.
  • People
    Develop professional and passionate talents to improve future competitiveness.
  • Innovation
    Challenge to creating new and distinguished value with creative thinking and idea.